About Us

Dog-O-Bow is the name of a homegrown, pet accessories and luxury clothing brand that was born in Hyderabad and is now ready to be spawned across India and all over the world to cater to the demands and needs of (its) growing pet owners. With a firm commitment to provide quality products and services that aid to unique experiences for all the pets and their owners, our online retail pet shop has also a lot to offer for pet parents to explore a diverse range of accessories, apparel, beds, pet collars and a lot more that suit different pets like dogs and cats.

We, Dog-O-Bow, are an extension of Pet Love

The endless warmth and love of our furry friends brings so much happiness and joy into our lives and we too are as dedicated to pamper your pups as much they are to you. The least we can do for their priceless love is to love them back through everything that we can provide for them. 

We, at Dog-O-Bow love to add to your pet pampering with a host of pet products that bestow the best fit and comfort while we surprise you with not just meeting but as well as exceeding the customers’ expectations.

Dog-O-Bow delivers optimum quality and how!

We are the most-trusted brand when it comes to providing our esteemed customers with optimum quality in dog collars, tuxedos, leashes, winter wear, hats, rain coats, potty bags, sofa beds, normal beds and much more delivered to your doorstep at just a click and touch of your gadgets.

Write to us your Queries and above


Our customer care is here for you to resolve your queries and issues at every step while you are with us. Write to us any or all of your queries and more while we take your call at the earliest window of opportunity and resolve it asap. You can mail to us at info@dogobow.com or call us at +91-9676966088.


When it comes to your pet care, we are committed to spreading wags and wiggles. We take care of every customer feedback without fail and so, do let us know if you are not really happy with something at our stores or products or online experiences.

When it all kick-started with Mylo, our first pet love!

Incepted in 2017, our brand name was inspired by the 45-day old devil who was brought in at the same time that we started. This devil, by the name Mylo, is the best thing that has happened to us and is our very first pet when we started off on this amazing journey.


Being the first pet and as well the muse of Dog-O-Bow, he amuses us with his antics and is extremely pampered and loved by everyone here. All the sample products we create are first inspected, tested and okayed by him as he is very much a Dog-O-Bow baby and the inspiration behind it.

Why should I go for Dog-O-Bow?

Here’s to Dog-O-Bow, a pawsome partner for your awesome pets to pamper them with adorable yet largely homemade and handcrafted products. We are also about fashioning custom-made services for pets while we offer premium quality products under pet clothing and accessories that are a perfect fit and comfort for your pet. 


Here are some of the best practices we follow to ensure a smooth and fast delivery with optimal customer satisfaction all around:


Fast Delivery - Anything from us delivered within 4 working days.

Best Fit - Specially designed and customised garments that are a perfect fit to the pet’s measurements.

Easy Return Policy - Easy to both order online and return. (You may check our return policy for more info).

How do I order from Dog-O-Bow website?

Here are the steps to follow while ordering online from Dogobow.com:


  1. Browse our products catalogue or use the ‘search’ feature within Dog-O-Bow website.
  2. Select the product size and add the item(s) to your shopping cart.
  3. Enter your delivery address and head for checkout.
  4. On the checkout page, select a suitable payment method from any of UPI and online payment options and can also add coupons if you are eligible.
  5. Once we receive your order, we will call you to conform on the sizes and payment.


Once ordered, your products will be home-delivered as per the order details.

We also offer our services globally.